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Healthy Home Styling
Make your home a Health Parlor

Does your home function to promote your family's wellness and healing?  

Do you know what plants are best to keep around for asthma?   Is your bedroom a haven of serenity or stress?  Is your kitchen pantry full of clutter instead of medicinal foods?   Do you have a purely zen and comfort zone in your home?  Is your bathroom designed for optimal detoxification?  Do your finishing touches affect your health?

I understand that everyone's wellness journeys are complex and individually unique.  But there is a critical component to success in health that should get the same attention that we give to other things in our life - that is the health of our home.  The most well intent people can still struggle with weight loss despite buying all the right foods if their kitchen, pantry, and dining rooms are not prepped for their success.   When you are organized, you are more likely to plan your meals, stock up on nutritious foods, and prep things like fruits and vegetables to make healthy eating more likely.  Our homes need to be transformed.  The truth is doctor's visits just aren't enough to sustain good health. Our bodies are marvelous temples which house our mind, spirit, and organs.  It is imperative to create a sacred environment that is conducive to protecting our temple.


 I use my "new-fashioned old medicine" approach to assess your health concerns and design a healthy home for your vessel to thrive.  As an avid promoter of Lifestyle Medicine, I believe the right environment and daily habits can prevent  chronic diseases and even reverse them!  

*Consults starting at $250 for virtual visits. More for in-home visits

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Healthy Home Styling with Dr. Mizelle
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